Google Places: Respond to Reviews Feature Could Be Better

Responding to reviews is a critical feature for reputation management, and now Google lets you do precisely that.  The benefits are enormous – business owners finally have a voice to combat malicious or even fake reviews, and even just say thanks to great reviews.

Here are a few features I hope we’ll see added to this one:

The response is basically a comment on the review.  Why not allow anybody to comment on the review, ala Facebook style?  It’s basically a more informative alternative to the “Was this review helpful?” feature Google Places has already had for a while.

Responding to reviews should be an option that’s available to all reviews, pulled from all sites.  Not just the reviews generated on the company’s Place Page!  C’mon Google, this one’s a no brainer.  If reviews on InsiderPages or Yelp are important enough to be shown on the Place Place, why should they be treated any differently re: responding?


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